The Color Factory Extends Its Tickets Offer

The Color Factory is extending its tickets offer once again. This time, it is offering tickets for January and February. There are plenty of ways to get tickets to the event, including online and at the entrance or box office. If you’re a fan of this museum, this new extension is an added bonus!


Color Factory is a collaboratively produced art experience that celebrates the city’s colors. It features 16 participatory installations. The Color Factory is open Thursday through Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. General admission tickets are $38 per person; kids’ tickets are only $28. It is a great place to bring the whole family and get creative!

Guests can experience the color-filled exhibits through the interactive elements of the museum. They can even make their own color portrait or a life-sized infographic. The colorful rooms of the Color Factory also feature interactive exhibits and food vendors. You can also try melona ice cream at Kurima Chicago.

You can buy tickets to The Color Factory online color factory tickets. This museum is located in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan and is accessible via subway, the local one or the express two or three trains. You can also take the South Ferry subway station to get there. The Color Factory is located on Spring Street and is easily identifiable by its colorful entrance wall. Admission is $38 for adults and $28 for kids from 3 to 12 years of age. Children under 2 years old are free. You can purchase a Color Factory gift card to receive a discount on admission. The gift card will contain a coupon code for one ticket at the museum.

At the box office

The Color Factory is an interactive art museum on the lower level of Chicago’s Willis Tower. The museum has been selected by TimeOut as one of the world’s 22 best new experiences, and its mission is to foster a love for color through all of the senses. The exhibit is designed to appeal to people of all ages, and it includes fun nods to Chicago, including a CTA voice, a St. Patrick’s Day ball pit, and a Chicago flag confetti room.

The Color Factory’s experience is interactive and social media-friendly, and the museum is available on a variety of platforms. While a ticket is required to visit the museum, you may choose to purchase them online before your visit. You can also purchase them at the box office. Tickets are only valid for one year.

Color Factory is an art experience created by a group of collaborative artists and designers. Featuring over a dozen participatory installations, the exhibition invites visitors to explore the meaning of color in everyday life. The installations change visitors’ perceptions of color through immersive experiences that take them from familiar surroundings to new ones. The exhibition features collaborations with artists including Lakwena Maciver, Carnovsky, emmanuelle moureaux, Christine Wong Yap, Rebecca Wright, and Lea Rosenberg.

At the entrance

The color factory is a fun art exhibit that’s centered around colors. There are separate rooms and interactive installations to explore. Guests can also participate in the exhibit. The entire experience is kid-friendly and will be memorable. The museum offers free admission. It opens at 10 a.m.

To purchase tickets, visit the Color Factory website. The website will give you a date and time that suits you best. Using the website will save you time and let you choose your desired date without having to worry about the tickets. You can buy tickets up until the current year. Once you buy the tickets, the store will send you an email with the details of your experience.

The Color Factory is designed to be an interactive experience. Guests can play games and create their own custom color portrait. You can also print your own wish on a giant balloon!

At the museum

The Color Factory is an art installation that has become one of New York City’s most popular attractions. The exhibit has been produced by a group of artists, and features sixteen interactive installations inspired by the colors of the city. Tickets for the Color Factory are nonrefundable and cannot be changed or amended after purchase. The museum recommends purchasing tickets in advance to ensure your enjoyment.

Tickets are available for sale online. Color Factory admission is $38 for adults and $28 for kids three to 12 years old. Children under two years old are free. The museum is open daily, except on Wednesdays, from 10:00am to 10:00pm. It is also open to visitors who have gift cards and discount codes. Gift cards include a coupon for one free admission.

The exhibits at the Color Factory are packed with vivid colors. It’s best to wear something that contrasts with the colorful environment. The museum also offers a number of unique treats. The sweet treats at the Color Factory include gummies, specialized mochi ice cream, and perfectly matched candy treats. The Rainbow Macaroon conveyor belt is another highlight.