Flashbang and smoke grenades in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is often associated with shooting. It doesn’t matter if there is one player or a group, the main thing is a good shot. However, thousands of hours spent honing their skills will not save you in narrow doors or passages controlled by the enemy. Here you need grenades, the very “instrument of victory” that beginners often forget. You can also use modern resources such as CSGO NET to make your game more interesting and varied. There are now many opportunities that you should use more often.

Flashbang grenades

Keep the Flashbang grenade handy always and everywhere. It is probably the most useful and universal type of grenades in CS:GO. Snipers or campers (enemies in ambush, loving unpunished killings)? The answer is simple – affordable and inexpensive Flashbang! In competitive matches, by the way, you can take two at once. It works very simply – it blinds and stuns everyone who did not have time to turn away during the explosion. The effect is stronger and longer, the closer the enemy to the epicenter – up to 3.5 seconds. However, the Flashbang grenade does not disassemble its own and others’, so be careful in handling it, or by unsuccessful throw stun your own teammates. 

It is also interesting that the effect of dazzle in the game is shown quite realistic: after the flash on the screen gradually begins to show a frozen picture, which the player saw last, and only then the vision starts to return slowly. Approximately the same happens in real life. The image is literally imprinted for a few seconds from such a bright light into the retina of the eye.

There are countless situations in which Flashbang can be useful. One of the most obvious – taking the area, which the enemies keep under sight. And it is not even necessary to blind the enemy, because the grenade will force the enemies to turn away or change their position (for example, to retreat around a corner to avoid line of sight). This will give precious seconds to assault. It is possible to spoil the enemy’s plans and disorient him in different ways. In the same case, when the grenade has arrived to the player, you should turn away to move so that there is an obstacle between you and the point of explosion.

Smoke grenades

The second most important grenade in CS:GO is smoke. After its explosion in a radius of a few meters, a cloud of thick smoke is formed, through which you will not be seen by enemies. “Smoke”, like the Flashbang – a stick at both ends. The opponents, of course, will not see the player, but the attacker will barely see them from the other side.

Smoke grenades are usually used for the same purposes as Flashbang – to hide movement during an assault, to limit the visibility of enemy snipers and other tactics. In defense, thick smoke will help to keep an important passage, because not every enemy will risk to run a cloud through (and this is a very wise decision), which means both teams will wait until it disperses.

In certain situations, smoke is used for so-called “ninja-defusing”: one of the terrorists throws a grenade directly at a planted bomb, runs into the cloud and begins to neutralize the explosive device. The tactics are quite risky (the smoke does not stop the bullet after all), but the reward in the form of a won round is solid.

So the game is quite diverse and can please fans with interesting features. If you want to make it even more diverse, you can find everything you need on this site. Here you will have the opportunity to slightly change the gameplay itself and make it more visually attractive.